Rare: The Descendant of Norwegian Monarch


Dear Ellist,


Now it's time to invite you to the last chapter of our prince and princess series. Unlike Libra, this particular prince was the descendant of the Great Norwegian Monarch where he ruled his country with just and fairness. He was a ruler at heart, loved his people dearly and no other prince could match these qualities. And here's how the story of Prince Rare began.

Long ago, young Rare was sent to European countries to learn everything about how to be a great ruler; leadership, combat skills and everything that a prince must know. Having a fiery red hair with grey deep eyes made him easily remembered and recognised by many. As a prince, he handled conflicts wisely and brought so many people from across society levels together and these made him the talk of the town...





Libra: The Sole Survivor


Dear Ellist,


No story is complete without the mention of the the princess' other half, though in this very tale, the man is no prince nor a king. He's a soldier, a fighter and a survivor. This is a tale of Libra, the best companion that Princess Fiore has ever had.

The story began 15 years ago, little Libra was struggling to survive on the streets. His parents died due to sickness as they were too poor to get any treatment. And since then, he was left all alone to brave the days. One day, the King visited the small town Libra was in where he brought along his little princess, Fiore.




Vaila: The Tale of A Nordic Princess


Dear Ellist,

You have heard about Fiore, you have heard about Julia. And now it's time to reveal the story of the final princess in our collection. She was courageous, loyal and above all, she was a great ruler. Here's how the story of Vaila began.

Princess Vaila was the pride of Nordic lands. She was not only known for her strong sense of duty as a princess but for her enchanting beauty as well. Her delicate skin was as white as snow with a tint of warm saffron color on her cheeks. She had saccharine sweet lips that were a complement to her almond shaped eyes...





Julia: The Tale of Everlasting Love



Dear Ellist,

If you are fond of stories about love,  flowers and some twist of events, then this is the right one for you as I'm going to trace down every step of the way and weave them back for you. I'm going to tell you another tale. It's a tale of a France princess. It's a tale of an everlasting love.

There was once a princess named Julia de Marseille and she was born in Versailles Palace, France. So fond of flora, Julia went to travel throughout the country to appreciate the picturesque flowery landscape. Years passed by and seasons changed, and as the snow melted, her favorite season full of colors unfolded...





Fiore: The Legend of The Royal Princess



Dear Ellist,

You might have heard about Cinderella and her glass slippers or Rapunzel and her long golden hair. But have you heard the story of a royal princess where her beauty was said to match a garden of thousand roses? Here's how the story began.

Back in the 19th century, there lived a princess named Fiore. She was the most beautiful princess of her time and she was loved by many. Her beauty was compared to a garden with thousands of blooming roses, totally bewitching and mesmerizing. Her skin was as flawless and delicate as a rose-leaf...



The Making of Elliadore Perfumes: Part II


Welcome back, Ellist!

Today we are going to continue our journey of making Elliadore perfumes. As everyone knows, Part 1 is all about labs and chemical processes that take place during fragrance making. Now as for Part II, we are going to show you how the production process happens. There are several steps in producing the Elliadore fragrances as we do everything carefully; from dispensing the products into glass bottles to putting them in our exclusive boxes.

The first step is to dispense the product...






The Making of Elliadore Perfumes: Part I


Welcome to our very first post, Ellist!

When it comes to creating perfumes, many tend to assume that it’s an easy job. However, at Elliadore, we produce our perfumes from scratch where it actually requires the right procedures and techniques to get the perfect scent. With our very own personal chemist who is based in the United Kingdom, Elliadore perfumes go through a very detailed and strict process; from handling the raw materials, smell-testing and even double-checking the capping before finalizing the products.

Now, we will take you on a journey of making Elliadore perfumes where you will learn how each process happens...

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