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The name Elliadore is derived from two words which are 'Elli' and 'Adore'. 'Elli' comes from a French word ‘elle’ which is used to refer to a woman, usually associates with femininity. 'Adore' on the other hand refers to a deep love and admiration for an object or a person. Thus, Elliadore upholds the idea of feminine figures who love our products deeply.
The founders who met each other in the United Kingdom decided to establish their very own first signature fragrance called Fiore in December 2015 and people instantly fell in love with its scent. Since then, new scents and fragrances are created. Vaila was born in April 2016, followed by Julia in the August of the same year. Due to the increased demand, men fragrances were then released in December 2016; Libra and Rare.
Each scent was carefully created based on the Fragrance Wheel and has their own story which is inspired by the lives of princesses and princes. One of Elliadore’s biggest strengths is definitely our quality control as we have our own chemical adviser who is based in the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Every mixture and production of Elliadore is supervised closely to ensure each product achieves world class standard and international recognition, making Elliadore's the best choice of perfumes for everyone out there.
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