About Us
The name Elliadore is derived from two syllables which are 'Elli' and 'adore'. 'Elli' is the word published in French (elle), often used to refer to women / things / stuff very feminine. 'Adore' refers to a state of maximum affection for an object or person or by literal means love deeply. So, Elliadore uphold the idea of feminine figures will fall in love deeply with our products.

The company was formed and established unofficially during a Motorhome holiday trip in the United Kingdom where the founders met each other.The direction of the company were discussed together during the trip. It is safe to say that Elliadore was born by Malaysians in United Kingdom.

One of the biggest strength of Elliadore is our quality control. This is achievable due to our chemical adviser who is based in University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Every mixture and production of Elliadore  is supervised closely to ensure each product achieves world class standard and international recognition.

That's a brief history of how the ‘Designed in United Kingdom’ behind each box of Elliadore comes from.

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